46 Years Providing Quality Equipment and Great Service

After 46 years in business ARC Equipment and Supplies is sad to announce that we have closed permanently and have retired.

The email and this website will hopefully remain active for some time should you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance regarding past dealings.

For repairs and new equipment needs we are referring to RepairMakers at 877-535-1733

All the best-

Alan and Alan,

ARC Equipment and Supplies

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ARC Parts Technical Pages are Below

The technical information on these pages is provided for your convenience and for informational purposes only.


You assume any and all risks when attempting any repair or when following any instructions posted here.

To replace a WATER RETRACTION DEVICE click here.

To replace a BELMONT LIGHT BULB click here.

To replace a PELTON & CRANE LFII LIGHT BULB click here.

To replace a PELTON & CRANE LF+ LIGHT BULB click here.

To replace a 3-WAY SYRINGE BUTTON click here.

To identify a 3-WAY SYRINGE BUTTON click here.


Photo showing 2 different size vacuum pump filters.

Dent-X Film Processor Maintenance

Foot Control Parts Blowup

Older Style Foot Control Blowup