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ARC also has "pre-owned"  equipment for sale
Looking for a backup compressor or sterilizer? We occasionally have used vacuums, dental chairs, lights and other items. Please email us and let us know what you are looking for.
ARC Equipment and Supplies has replacement parts available for the equipment lines we sell as well as many others. Email us with your needs.



The following listing of dental equipment parts is just a small representation of our entire inventory.

Many part numbers are listed below

To search this page if you are running Windows just --CTRL F

Then type in what you are searching for

Scuff Covers/Toe Covers to fit the following chairs--

For Standard Upholstery--

A-dec, Belmont, Beaver State, Boyd,
Healthco Celebrity, DentalEz (except J and S chairs),
Engle, Forest, MDT, Marus, Midmark,
Pelton & Crane (Coachman and Chairman Series),
Ritter Knight, Royal

For Plush Upholstery--

A-dec Plush Upholstery, Marus Plush Upholstery,
Belmont Plush Upholstery, Boyd Oral Surgery,
Midmark Plush Upholstery



MARUS 83R401



Dent-X AFP Dent-X Processor Parts


Various parts for smaller Dent-X 410 intraoral film processor

Some new parts and also have some used.

Email us with what you need. info@arcdental.com

Pelton and Crane Sentry Indicator Lights NEW

014141 Temperature Heat on Lamp

014142 Power On Lamp

Pelton and Crane OCR-OCM Door handles NEW

012703 Door Handle

Belmont Model 019 Chair Bellows USED

Proma Arm lock pawl and ratchet. NEW

We have both long and short pawls.

5006012 Pawl

5006017 Ratchet-Elevator NO LONGER AVAILABLE

91098 Compression Spring for Pawl not shown

Glass tube for Sirona Sirolux light


Brand new, 2 available, $20 each


Velopex Processor Parts

Carbide Bur Clinic Packs

D. H. Thompson Bur Block

Midwest Bur Caddy # 381418

Atwood Industries

The "Gammit" Magnetic Bur Holder

Glass Dappen Dish

2x2 Gauze Dispenser

909-AGVCP Chicago Faucets Gas Valve

Serrated Hose Nozzle Outlet; 3-1/8-Inch Metal Lever Handle with Gas Service Button; 3/8-Inch NPT Male Thread Inlet.
Chicago Faucets multiple service valves enable the user to access virtually any laboratory gas. Solid brass construction with a high-gloss polished chrome finish and color coded handle index button.

Bien Air Bulbs and Brushes

Pfingst Dentomat Model 600

We also have a limited supply of new spare parts for this model.

Please email us with your needs. info@arcdental.com



Midmark Mineral Deposit Reducer Kit #AVA82000

Replacement Cartridge #PFM82000

Call for Special Price




Proma Parts

We have more parts in stock for Proma than we can possibly list.

We have been Proma dealers for over 40 years.

Email us with your needs.


Call us for even faster service

310 394-1551


New Proma Top Cover Assembly, Main

20970102 20991002

New Proma (and many others) Foot Control Toggle BAT ONLY

Generic replacements for Belmont light front plastic shields HLU2005 and 80002005

Replacement Dental Light Bulbs for--

Pelton & Crane - Belmont - Faro

Proma - Adec - Sirona

Call or email for Pricing

310 394-1551


Click here to see merchandise list.


New Panoramic X-ray Film Sleeve.

We also have new Screens that slip inside sleeves.

Star Dental Aseptic Fiber Optic Handpiece Tubing

New Grey 6' Coiled tubing

Includes New Bulb

Note that this is the OLD style Star Tubing

New Cavitron Model 660 Power Tube

Pelton & Crane

Part # 022095

PCB Regulator Module Luminator Assembly



Pelton & Crane LF1, LF+

Light Arm Spring Main

Brand New

PC part numbers 006691, 006697

Includes safety clip

Health Kit Model 200

2 hand piece dental unit


Gear for Dentalez Gearmaster BACK motor

When motor is inside the back of the chair.

Base and Tilt motor gears are also available.

Sirona Heliodent DS X-RAY Remote Mounting Kit

Part # 3314890

Ritter Dental Unit Vacuum Breaker Floats

Both Sizes

Soft Rubber Material

Weber P-64 Assistant and Doctors Unit Vacuum Breaker Floats and O-rings.

We also have the C-clips that are used to seal the breaker.

Floats are Hard Plastic


Coastal Dynamic Dental chair motor brake.

This is new only 1 in stock.

Belmont Axis 90 Arm Brackets

090-30400 Left

090-30500 Right

Many other Axis 90 Chair Parts available please contact us.

Belmont BEL-7

Pre-Position and Automatic Return Push Button Switch

These are the switches located to the right and left of the headrest.

Mounting holes in your escutcheon may have to be enlarged.

Only available in Black - Includes rubber dust cover

Replacement for the following Belmont switches:

Red BL7-20051, BL720051

Black BL7-20052, BL720052

Belmont AXIS 90 Dental Chair

Side Switch for base or back up-down.

Momentary--exact fit into circuit board.

We also have NEW Plastic Paddle Toggle Bats (Black,Grey and White) and switches for the Belmont Models 023, 024, 031 chairs.

New Belmont 071A ( 071-A ) X-Ray On-Off Replacement Switch available in white only as pictured above.

When installed into the control box the switch we supply will be slightly indented into the front cover.

Used set of Dansereau switches Left and Right side of Californian Model Chair.

The following diagram illustrates the Handpiece module for an MDT Basic 4 Relaxadent Unit.

Please call us with your parts needs.

MDT 3-Way Syringe Buttons and retaining pin

MDT 3-Way Syringe Tip and tip parts

We also have MDT Junction Box Filters and O-rings as well as one used MDT Black Plastic Handpiece Holder and one used MDT J-box lever shutoff valve.


New Old Stock


Sirona Heliodent MD X-Ray Touchpad Controls

Have cosmetic issues but are functional.

These are photos of the actual Touchpads.


Not pictured on this page but available from our stock are the following Sirona new parts--

Sirona 4681685 M1 rotation motor assembly Orthophos

“Parts for Sirona Heliodent Plus X-Ray”




Used parts for Orthophos CD Pan Ceph D3200… as pictured tubehead collimator, 2967768 D2-D21, 1881890

We are parting this Pan Ceph out completely.

Control Box for Sirona MD Intra-oral X-ray

We only have "for parts only" MD generators available at this time/

Control Box for Sirona DS Intra-oral Xray

Sirona Siemens Heliodent DS X-Ray lanyard switch exposure cord pt# 3313702 BRAND NEW special pricing

This lanyard switch can also be used on many other brands of dental x-rays

#5807578 Roller Set for Pan

NEW Proma Bottle "Upper"

Proma Part # 5013170

NEW Proma Control Module

Proma Part # 8020100K

Your old Module may be black in color the latest replacement modules from Proma are white as pictured below.

Holders and Actuators

Holder # 4017506

Actuator # S4017900


We stock many parts for Proma

call or email us with your needs.


Gaskets and Parts for Pelton Crane OCM, OCR Sterilizers

Other brands also available.

Midmark M7, M9 Midmark M11



Harvey Barnstead Thermofisher MDT

Chemiclave Handle Parts

Fits 4000 and 5000 Models

We have the handle Spring, Ball Bearing and

retaining Pin

These parts fit the handle that looks like the one below.

We no longer stock the Handles # 250004503 however we can order them.



Real OEM Model 2340M Sterilizer Gasket

Part # 02610005

Fits Serial Number 8805 and BELOW only

Has "D" shaped cross section


Storage Bin Racks

Used Biotec pt#32360, Tool Rail Storage bin holder (NO bins)


Thermo Fisher Scientific

OTP Mechanical Relay # RYX60 NEW

for SterileMax Sterilizer

Pelton & Crane Sterilizer

Timing Chip

If your Delta or Validator Plus sterilizer is not keeping the correct settings for time and day this is the part you may need. It is not offered by the factory. Only a complete circuit board is. This chip plugs into a socket so no soldering is required.

Instrument Tray

Stamped "Sweden" on the side.

L&R small instrument cassette, part # 17883, 8x4½x1½”, regular $100, one only available at $50. Fits T14, 140, 2014 and larger.

Parts for older Pelton and Crane OCM, OCR, Sentry, and Magnaclave autoclave sterilizers. New old stock including pressure gauges, bellows, insulators, terminal bushing, rectangular indicator lights heat on, sterile, power on, vent tubes, valve seats and retainers, gaskets, handles, foot tip insert, filters, etc. 3336356, 004014, 004043, 1881023, 004640, 004018, 004039, 004004, 004048, 1881031, 004010, 004793, 004795, 004500.

Email for prices and availability.


Pelton and Crane Validator Sterilizer Reservoirs

#3304099, #026750, #3339913

Validator+ PLUS and Delta misc Other Parts

Pelton & Crane Coachman Exit Label # 018318

Pelton & Crane Coachman Auto Exit Switch Capsule # 012424

If the red exit label is missing or punctured debris can ruin the auto exit switch.

New Replacement Pelton 5174052 switch diaphragm assembly for

Spirit unit foot control valve block

Quality Aspirators

Assorted Cleaning Brushes

Specially Designed for aspirator tips and saliva ejectors, these brushes come in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of tubular diameters. More effective than the conventional pipe cleaner, the white nylon bristles are stiff enough to clean blood and debris away from inside walls in one or two sweeps. The stainless steel wire prevents rusting on sinks and counter tops after use. Made 12 inches long, these extra length brushes will extend the full length of aspirator tips and are flexible enough to round 45 and 90 degree curvatures.

Quality Aspirators

The Flip-D offers the same features as the Flip-A, but with a shorter overall length. Fits standard 1/2 in vacuum tubing. Includes cleaning brush.


Quality Aspirators


No-Clog Surgical Aspirator with built in stylet. Sliding the button forward causes the stylet to quickly eject particles of bone or tissue that may be clogging the tip. When the button is returned to its original position, normal suction resumes.


Pelton and Crane Dental Parts


Pelton & Crane,

Marus Dental




To search this page if you are running Windows just --CTRL F

Then type in what you are searching for

Parts Available

Including the following:

Brand Product Part #
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 7102
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 15809
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 90650
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 15808
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 4191222
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6743
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6732
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6762
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 14535
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 14532
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 3323123
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 15810
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 15548
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 15899
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6924
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6851
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 11213
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 7030
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 3323016
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 3323008
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 16705
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 16188
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 15565
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 3323073
Pelton& Crane LIGHT 11108
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 3322992
Pelton & Crane UNIT 20544
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 14901
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6661
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 3324212
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 14890
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 26472
Pelton & Crane CHAIR ?????
Pelton & Crane UNIT 19976
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6752
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6660
Pelton & Crane UNIT 5174052
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 19992
Pelton & Crane UNIT 1897151
Pelton & Crane UNIT ?????
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6718
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 14134
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 3323131
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 26097
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 26116
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 3303935
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 7660
Pelton & Crane UNIT ?????
Pelton & Crane UNIT 2
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 331820
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 15160
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 90642
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6769
Pelton & Crane LIGHT  
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 14707
Pelton & Crane LIGHT ?????
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 18957
Pelton & Crane   3303047
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 7499
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 7500
Pelton & Crane   7506
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 7431
Pelton & Crane UNIT 524862
Pelton & Crane    
Pelton & Crane   3314170
Pelton & Crane   814084
Pelton & Crane   1447536
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 18318
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 12424
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302762
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 19059
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 18420
Pelton & Crane Compressor 5031
Pelton & Crane Compressor  
Pelton & Crane   8396
Pelton & Crane UNIT 1897748
Pelton & Crane UNIT 23502
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302862
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302978
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3303067
Pelton & Crane UNIT 1897854
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302895
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3303000
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302861
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3303075
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302887
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302879
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9434499
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9434531
Pelton & Crane UNIT 1899884
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 6797
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 14892
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 91862
Pelton & Crane LIGHT 1298
Pelton & Crane UNIT 6155
Pelton & Crane UNIT 9431388
Pelton & Crane CHAIR  
Pelton & Crane UNIT 9431313
Pelton & Crane UNIT 7014046
Pelton & Crane UNIT 90351
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3000804
Pelton & Crane UNIT 5929807
Pelton & Crane UNIT 13980
Pelton & Crane UNIT 9430406
Pelton & Crane UNIT 21993
Pelton & Crane UNIT 1530679
Pelton & Crane UNIT 5954409
Pelton & Crane UNIT 9431370
Pelton & Crane UNIT 20782
Pelton & Crane UNIT  
Pelton & Crane UNIT 14818
Pelton & Crane UNIT 45829
Pelton & Crane UNIT 9447004
Pelton & Crane UNIT 20543
Pelton & Crane UNIT 4699224
Pelton & Crane UNIT 1897359
Pelton & Crane UNIT 5?16028
Pelton & Crane UNIT 9431388
Pelton & Crane UNIT 21951
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 19517
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 1899678
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 7467
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 18957
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 7506
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9434473
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9434481
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9434531
Pelton & Crane CHAIR ?????
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 18222
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 3001174
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 24766
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 24009
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 3304438
Pelton & Crane CHAIR ?????
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9433251
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9434135
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9433244
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9433210
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 7660
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 22701
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 9434499
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 3335903
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 90814
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 3000309
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3304800
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3335036
Pelton & Crane STOOL 16674
Pelton & Crane UNIT 1532535
Pelton & Crane UNIT 20282
Pelton & Crane UNIT 20185
Pelton & Crane UNIT 18825
Pelton & Crane UNIT ?????
Pelton & Crane UNIT 2979821
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302770
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302754
Pelton & Crane UNIT 3302747
Pelton & Crane UNIT ?????
Pelton & Crane UNIT 1897177
Pelton & Crane UNIT ?????
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 91862
Pelton & Crane CHAIR 3000945
Marus CHAIR 83R401
Marus UNIT 60R009
Marus UNIT 60R006
Marus UNIT 60R007
Marus UNIT 45R110
Marus CHAIR 83R201
Marus CHAIR 83R216
Marus CHAIR 83R219
Marus CHAIR 83R190
Marus CHAIR 010R057
Marus UNIT 55R280
Marus UNIT 60R188
Marus UNIT 010R082
Marus UNIT 45R518
Marus UNIT 45R525
Marus UNIT 60R021
Marus UNIT 60R313
Marus UNIT 85R046
Marus UNIT 62R050
Marus UNIT 85R058
Marus UNIT 85R042
Marus UNIT 62R064
Marus UNIT 62R111
Marus UNIT 62R099
Marus UNIT 62R090
Marus UNIT 007R008
Marus UNIT 007R011
Marus UNIT 62R103
Marus UNIT 50R466
Marus UNIT 50R701-1
Marus UNIT 50R702-3
Marus UNIT 21R103
Marus UNIT 007R003
Marus UNIT 007R003X
Marus UNIT 007R069
Marus UNIT 007R703X
Marus UNIT 21R433
Marus UNIT 21R434
Marus UNIT 007R706X
Marus UNIT 21R208
Marus UNIT 007R069
Marus UNIT 45R526
Marus UNIT 45R516
Marus UNIT 010R057
Marus UNIT 45R711
Marus UNIT 85R388
Marus CHAIR 014R047
Marus UNIT 45R244
Marus CHAIR 014R125
DCI Unit 8941
DCI Unit 5983
DCI Unit 7234
DCI Unit 12868
DCI Unit 4433
DCI Unit 4430
DCI Unit ????
DCI Unit 8723
DCI Vacuum 5115
DCI Unit ????
DCI Syringe 9670
DCI Syringe 85
DCI Syringe 3088
DCI Syringe 2202
DCI Syringe 2255
DCI Syringe 9674
DCI Syringe 2260
DCI Syringe 9659
DCI Syringe 9648
DCI Syringe 9651
DCI Syringe 9677
DCI Syringe 3092
DCI Vacuum 5150
DCI   8655
DCI Vacuum ????
DCI Unit 7133
DCI   8136
DCI   ????
DCI   ????
DCI   8943
DCI   ????
DCI Vacuum 5169
DCI Unit 7126
DCI   8650
DCI   2485
Parts Warehouse   R-C1804-1B
Parts Warehouse   C-1840T
Chapman Huffman   ????
Proma Unit 8030300
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit 8030400
Proma Unit 50002210
Proma Unit 93296
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit 5013105 0r 4
Proma Unit 91932
Proma Unit 8020140B
Proma Unit 92530-0416
Proma Unit 8020100K
Proma Unit 8010100
Proma Unit 4457209
Proma Unit 4017502
Proma Unit 1009002
Proma Unit 4017202
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit 2047307
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit 4156203
Proma Unit 92099-28
Proma Unit 92099-24
Proma Unit 4156205
Proma Unit 91652
Proma Unit 50002401
Proma Unit 50002402
Proma Unit 50002403
Proma Unit 92256
Proma Unit 92530-0420
Proma Unit 93310
Proma Unit 92121-1024
Proma Unit 93311
Proma Unit 360-60-21
Proma Unit 360-60-22
Proma Unit 92206-0420
Proma Unit 3576016
Proma Unit 91236
Proma Unit 4156116
Proma Unit 91652
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit 93215
Proma Unit 2046002
Proma Unit 4156105
Proma Unit 91098
Proma Unit 35760152
Proma Unit 8015404
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit 5006012
Proma Unit 357-71-06
Proma Unit 91789
Proma Unit 357-40-02
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit 91438
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit ????
Proma Unit 4017700
Proma Unit ????
Proma Cuspidor 2037200
Proma Cuspidor 2037202
Proma Cuspidor 2037016
Proma Cuspidor 2047317
Proma Cuspidor 2047318
Proma Cuspidor X2047301
Proma Cuspidor X2047201
Proma Cuspidor 2047301-1
Proma Cuspidor 7031015K-1
Proma Cuspidor 2047201
Proma Cuspidor 92008
Proma Cuspidor 2047304
Proma Cuspidor 8020200
Proma Cuspidor 91536
Proma Cuspidor 2037101
Proma Cuspidor ????
Proma Cuspidor 2037029
Proma Cuspidor 2037030
Proma Cuspidor 92332
Proma Cuspidor 925300606
Proma Cuspidor 92719
Proma Cuspidor 91487
Proma Cuspidor 2350127
Proma Cuspidor 1009008W
Proma Cuspidor 1009008B
Proma Cuspidor 1009008Y
Proma Cuspidor 1009001
Proma Cuspidor 2047313
Proma Cuspidor ????
Proma Cuspidor ????
Proma Cuspidor 2037100
Proma Cuspidor 8033020
Proma Cuspidor 8031000
Proma Vacuum ????
Proma Vacuum 2221
Proma Vacuum ????
Proma Vacuum 91256